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My name is Nessa. Growing up in Colorado, I always had the creative "bug" and I was always trying to create something new and exciting. I moved to

Los Angeles in 2001, and to this day I am still creating and making all sorts of fantastical things. 

In 2016 I decided I would make the scary jump of starting my own business,



What an amazing adventure it has been and my love/obsession 💚 for polymer clay and succulents grows every year!

With the support of my main squeeze I am able to create to my heart's content. I also get furry support from my two kitties,

BO (Big Orange) and Dini (Houdini).


Nothing makes me happier than making people happy! Whether I'm cooking up a storm or creating a very special gift for someone, I love the look of happiness that follows. I hope to spread my happiness to as many people as I can so they can be as

happy as me,

happi     ness   handcrafted


Happy Ness


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