Wreath String Art With Faux Succulents Wall Hanging



This adorable piece could be yours or a great gift for someone else. Great for just the holidays or all year round. A mixture of nails, sphagnum moss, string, and faux succulents make for a great piece that can be hung on the wall. Best part is, the succulents aren't real, so, no watering needed. Easiest plant care ever! Plus, it lights up!




11 1/4" Wide

10" Tall

1 1/2" Thick (wood only, Measurement does not include nails, and plants)


Batteries are inculded. Requires 2 round watch batteries which are easily found in stores or online. Battery pack has on/off function. Comes with wire attached to the back so that it is ready to be hung upon arrival.


**All wood work is done in house. (cut, sand, stain) There is posibility of wood color differing slightly from the color shown in pictures. There may also be knots or blemishes. I think these give each one an amazing and unique character.

**Upon arrival there may be a slight smell from the stain and moss. This will go away within a day or so. There may also be small bits of moss loose in the package. This is normal.


This would be a beautiful addition to anyones home and I hope you love it as much as i do.


We look forward to sending you as much 




as possible.

Wreath String Art With Faux Succulents Wall Hanging