Wild Jackalope

Adopt a Jackalope today!


Let's talk... Jackalopes. Real or not real? That is the question. Wait, who cares, they are amazing!


So much thought and detail went into this piece. It was so much fun to make! The Jackalope itself was new territory for me. All the details are "painted" with polymer clay. To be honest when I first started it, it looked like a mess and I was questioning what my plan for this lil fella. Then it all of a sudden came together and I am so happy with it. 


So much texture and depth, I love it. It does come with twine to hang it, but I will also include an easel if youd prefer to place it on a table. Twine can be tied at different lengths depending on what your prefer.


Measures roughly 4"x6"


So much work went into this that I decided that it will be the only on that I create like this. That doesn't mean I wont ever make anything else like this, but for now I'm putting it on the back burner.


Please purchase this and give it the home it deserves. If you love Jackalopes make sure not to miss the Jackalope Art Fair that happens 3 times a year in Pasadena, CA and also in Burbank, CA. They also host local markets in other states. Check them out at Jackalopeartfair.com


All clay creations are made by me and my hands and created using Polymer Clay. I have always loved working with clay, but am just now getting the chance to really do what I love. I only create a few of each style because I'm always having new ideas pop into my head.


By making a purchase you are supporting my small business and I will do a little happy dance for every order placed. Hopefully I can dance all day and night. 😉



Keep out of direct light and moisture. To clean use clean qtip or cotton ball and water or rubbing alcohol. 


I can't wait to send you a small piece from my lil corner of 







Wild Jackalope

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