Square Jane

These earrings have a little secret! They have the tiniest bit of glow in the dark clay in them and were so much fun to make. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


All clay creations are made by me and my hands and created using Polymer Clay. I have always loved working with clay, but am just now getting the chance to really do what I love. I only create a few of each style because I'm always having new ideas pop into my head.


By making a purchase you are supporting my small business and I will do a little happy dance for every order placed. Hopefully I can dance all day and night. 😉



Please store in a safe and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. To clean, use a soft damp  cloth or qtip and water or rubbing alcohol.


I can't wait to send you a small piece from my lil corner of 





Square Jane

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