Mrs. Pointy-Moisture Stick, Aerator, Planter Bling

I'm so excited to announce this amazing little Pointy stick. It's made from Polymer Clay and wire and it has three different uses! 


  • Moisture Stick - Check your soil to see if it's time to water. Insert into soil, if it comes out with bits of moist soil don't water. If it comes out clean with dry bits then it's time. 
  • Aerator - Houseplants and succulents love loosey goosey gritty soil. Use                Mrs. Pointy to aerate your soil to keep healthy and happy roots and plantys.
  • Can you say, "Planter Bling?" - Don't know what "Planter Bling" is? Now you will. All members of the Pointy family hang off of your planter and gives it the "Bling" or "Eye Candy"you never knew it needed!


Product measurements:

5 1/4" long

5/8" inside width


**Please make sure your planter measurements allow for Mrs. Pointy to fit over the edge. Also, be aware of any odd shapes or curves that your planter may have as it may not fit over it. Each one will vary slightly in size due to the fact that I handcraft each and every one. If you are looking for a certain size I accept custom orders.


Each one is very unique, meaning no two will ever be the same. Also, I make different kinds of succulents and flowers constantly so, if you see one you like, buy it because there won't ever be another one like it. If you see one you want I can try to duplicate as best as I can.


 ðŸ’š Collect the whole family of Pointys!


If you're looking for something custom submit an inquiry and lets chat. 


**Keep your Pointy family member happy and remember to hang on the outside of your planter. It should never be left in soil.**


Meet Mr. Pointy's partner, Mrs. Pointy. If you're an Uber Nerd as I guess I am, you'll notice the name, "Mr. Pointy," is taken from the T.V. show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. If you don't know, I'm not going to spoil it, go and binge watch the entire series. If you don't want to you can simply google it. 🧛🏻‍♀️ I won't tell.


It took me many months to hone this design and I am sooooo in love with what they have become! 


Can't wait to send you as much 




as possible!!!



Mrs. Pointy-Moisture Stick, Aerator, Planter Bling