Mini String Art Pineapple and Heart Set

Mini String Art Pineapple and Heart Set


This adorable set could be a great gift for you or for someone else. A mixture of nails, sphagnum moss, string, and faux succulents makes for a great piece. No watering needed. Easiest plant care ever! 


This Pineapple and Strawberry/Heart are both fixed with a loop of twine so they can be hung on a wall. The wood that is used ranges in size, but most pieces do not get bigger than 4" high and 4" wide.


Each piece will be chosen randomly by me and shipped in the same package as a pair.


**Items shipped may or may not be the one pictured above.

**Because wood is used, there may be some marks or blemishes on them. I love this because it gives it a certain character. 

**Succulents used will vary depending on what stock is available.

**Custom designs are always welcome depending on the design.


We look forward to sending you as much




as possible!!!

Mini String Art Pineapple and Heart Set