In Japanese Kokedama means simply, Moss Ball. The art of wrapping a plant in moss started in Japan many, many years ago and has recently started to gain popularity in the US. Everyone has their own spin on creating this unique way of "potting" a plant and each one is unqiuely beautiful.


Quick steps to watering:

-Soak ball in a bowl, half way filled with water for 10 minutes

-Remove from water and give it a little loving squeeze so that it doesn't drip

-Place back onto plate or hang back up


Here is the greatest thing about Kokedama, they tell you when they are ready to be watered!! Once a week give it a little lift to see how heavy it is. When it's super light weight then it is time.  It will be roughly 1-2 weeks between waterings. This will change from day to day depending on humidity.


Placement should be in a place that gets strong indirect light. Window sill or somewhere near a window. Can be outside as well and looks amazing. Just be careful putting it in direct sunlight for too long. You risk burning the petals and or burning the roots. 


Kokedama can be hung or table top.  (Please go to seperate listing for table top plate.)


These beautiful arrangements wil bring you joy for many, many years to come! 


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Kokedama Hanger