Hanging Faux Air Plant

Hanging Faux Air Plant


This Hanging Faux Air Plant with moss comes with a hook so that it can be hung in a window, on a porch, backyard or anywhere you wish. It can be displayed during the holidays or all year long. Best part is, you don't have to worry about water or sunlight. Easiest plant care ever!? I will hand pick the perfect one and carefully package it just for you! 


Size is roughly 3x3" and hangs down about 5-6"

Add some planty goodness anywhere in your home or gift it to someone who might need a little extra happy


**Item shipped may or may not be the one pictured above.

**Because wood is used, there may be some marks or blemishes on them. I love this because it gives it a certain character. 

**Succulents used will vary depending on what stock is available.

**Custom designs are always welcome depending on the design.


We look forward to sending you as much




as possible!!!


Hanging Faux Air Plant