Constellation Plug In Night Light

Everyone needs a night light, right? Especially one made from polymer clay. Each one is individually handmade by me which makes each one slightly different than the last. You can't go wrong with these little happy creations! Choose your sign and enjoy how the light shines through the star constellations. 


These are made to order so, lead time is roughly 7-10 days depending on supplies. However I will keep you updated on the status of your order as it goes.


The lightbulbs used are LED which means they will last longer and are cool to the touch. It is also light sensitive. What does this mean? It means that there is no need to turn it off and on. It will sense when there isn't enough light and will turn on on its own then it will turn off when it senses there is enough light for you to see.  It's so easy. Just plug in and go. 



Keep out of direct light and moisture. To clean use clean qtip or cotton ball and water or rubbing alcohol. 


I can't wait to send you a small piece from my lil corner of 







Constellation Plug In Night Light