Cement Planter With Polymer Clay Succulents

This adorable planter is perfect for any plant wheather it be plant or succulent.  The planter its self is made from cement and is not made by me. (One day I hope to make some, but not today) I do create the succulents and flowers out of polymer clay. No molds of any kind are used, just my lil hands. 


I hope you love it as much as I do. The one picured is not for sale as I had to keep one for myself. The Lithop (succulent) is not included only the planter. However if you would like to purchase a plant from me let me know and I can combine shipping.


These are Made to order. Which means that you order it and I make it. Simple as that. I use all sorts of plants and colors, and style with differ but if you really like this one I can make one as close as I can to it. If you are looking for certain colors please let me know at the time of ordering. Otherwise I will put together something amazing to surprise you. 


Excited to bring you as much 




as possible!


💚 Nessa

Cement Planter With Polymer Clay Succulents